I’ve been injured in a shop. Can I make a claim?

Most of us love shopping. Whether it’s browsing in the high-street for a special outfit or a weekly visit to the supermarket, an outing to a retail store is something we can’t avoid.

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08 Sep 2017

Unfortunately, many shoppers fall victim to accidents in shops, shopping malls and supermarkets, many of which could have been avoided if the store had taken greater care.

Retailers must ensure that their premises are safe for you to shop in and they have a Duty of Care to keep the environment as risk-free as possible.

Although most retailers are diligent in undertaking what is required, accidents still happen.

To make a claim against a store, you must prove that they have been negligent in their duties. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident then there are some simple things you should remember to do:

  • Record the accident in the incident log book which all retailers are required to do. Ensure the accident and your injuries are recorded accurately.
  • Take photographs of any evidence such as spilled liquid or boxes left unattended
  • Obtain the details of any witnesses

If you have experienced an accident or injury whilst shopping you may have grounds for a claim. Contact Elizabeth Rimell on 01905 727700 to discuss your situation.

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